Edit customers and locations in the Licensing Portal - x360Recover

Written By Heather Hootman ()

Updated at July 15th, 2021

You can manage and update existing Customers and Locations from within the Licensing Portal. Specially, you can perform the following actions:

  • Edit the name of the company.
  • Deactivate, or temporally suspend, a Customer account (for example, due to non-payment).
  • Activate a previously deactivated Customer account.
  • Add a new Location to a Company account.
  • Remove a Location from a Company account, including all assigned licenses.
  • Delete a Company account, including all associated Locations and assigned licenses.
  • Reset a lost or stolen Customer account password.
  • Create a new Customer account and Location(s).

To edit a Customer:

  1. From the License Management left pane menu, click to expand User Management and then select Users.

    The User Management window displays, listing all Customer Location sites. Customers with more than one Location will appear in the list multiple times, one for each Location.
  2. Click the checkbox adjacent to the Customer that you need to modify and then select an action from the toolbar:
    1. Click the Edit button to edit the Company Name field.
    2. Click the Activate button to activate a previously deactivated account. This action will also reactivate licenses.
    3. Click the Deactivate button to deactivate an active account (for example, due to non-payment). Deactivated accounts cannot perform backups. Licensing for all Locations belonging to the Customer will be revoked without modifying the license assignments.
    4. Click the Add Location button to add a new Location to the account.
    5. Click the Remove Location button to remove a Location from the account. This action will also remove any assigned licenses. Any Appliance associated with the removed Location will need to be Factory Reset and re-provisioned before it can resume backups. If an Appliance has been lost—for example, due to hardware failure—you can either delete and recreate the Location or contact  Support to have the existing Appliance association cleared from the Licensing Portal.
    6. Click the Delete button to delete the Customer account, including all Locations and all assigned licenses.
    7. Click the Set Password button to reset the account password to a new value. Please note that this information must be updated on all Appliances that belong to this Customer within the Settings page of the Appliance Web interface (Licensing subtab).
    8. Click the Add User button to create a new Customer account and Location(s).