Boot VM Check Suddenly Fails - x360Recover

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 17th, 2021

The lsn.bin files are copies of Windows system dll files that are required for Windows to boot.  Many software manufacturers do not follow proper procedure when modifying these files.  

  • Proper procedure example:  An antivirus program makes changes to  these files and changes the modification date.  x360Recover will pick up the changes in our backup of the dll’s.
  • Improper procedure example: An antivirus program makes changes to  these files and does a “$ insert” into the dll file and DOES NOT change the modification date.  We do not pick up these changes in the backup.

Result:  In the “$ insert” example, the virtualize machine has a dll mismatch on boot and may blue screen.

Deleting the *lsn.bin files tells our backup agent to take brand new backups of the required Windows boot dll files in the next incremental job.

Steps to remove the *lsn.bin files from the protected system being backed up:

1. Stop x360Recover service (found in services.msc on the protected system)
2. Delete *lsn.bin files in x360Recover folder (i.e. /Program Files(x86)/x360Recover)
3. Start the x360Recover service
4. On the appliance, select the Schedule Now button for the protected system. This will start a new incremental.