How to request a copy of your hosted data on a USB drive - x360Recover

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 20th, 2022

1. Before you request shipment of a copy of your hosted data on a USB drive, please review the following information:

Data archive charges

  • The service fee is $150 for the first data set from a backup account, target core, or cloud node. 
  • An additional $50 service fee is required for each additional data set thereafter.

Note: Please remember that the $150 service fee does not include the cost of the drive. See below for additional drive fees.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs: Varies depending shipping speed and size/weight of the package. A UPS Ground return shipping label is included in the cost (if used) which can be used to return the drive to Axcient.

Shipping speed options:
   • UPS Express Critical - UPS same day delivery service. Avg. cost is just under $300.
   • UPS Next Day Air - Standard or early AM, with a Saturday delivery option
   • UPS 2nd Day Air
   • UPS Ground

Note: The outgoing cutoff for UPS shipments is 6:00 pm in the time local to the data center unless the shipment is for UPS Express Critical which can be scheduled any time, but departure is dependent on UPS flight availability. If using the standard shipping methods (non Express Critical) and the archive doesn't complete before this time, the package will ship the next day (or when completed, excluding Sundays).

Drive fee (optional):

  • $400 for a 4TB USB hard drive, or
  • $600-$4,000 for drives / NAS devices over 8TB in size (Price varies depending on size).

Note: This fee is only applied if you fail to return the drive within 14 days of receiving it. The drive can be returned using the included UPS ground shipping label.

2. After you have determined how you would like your drive shipped, please contact us and confirm the following information:

  • Shipping address (include contact phone number)
  • Shipping speed required
  • Names of the account(s), target core(s), or cloud node(s) data sets you require (include agent names if necessary for your backup product)
  • Total of charges involved

3.  Once you confirm all needed details, (including the shipping speed required and the total  charges involved), we will begin the restore procedure and update you throughout the process. Shipping details and instructions will be sent to you once the archive has finished and been dropped off for shipment.

IMPORTANT:  Please be aware that for AppAssure, Acronis, and x360Recover archives, we are dependent on the speed of the software involved and not the underlying infrastructure.

Because of this, exporting data may take significantly longer than expected, and we offer no ETA on when the export will finish. We will keep you updated on the process so you are aware of the current status and can set expectations accordingly.


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