How to create, review and close a Support ticket - x360Portal

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 12th, 2021

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This article will give details on how to create, review and close Support request tickets within the Axcient x360Portal. 

The Support page is where you will create, submit, view and track the status of your Support requests.   

How do I create a new Support request ticket?

1. Log in to your x360Portal account.

2. Navigate to the Support tab in the left navigation panel.

3. When the Support page opens, click on the orange Create New button  located on the top navigation bar above the table list.   


4. Select the type of support needed.

The support  Request type options are:

  • Support Cases (Technical help with a product)
  • Professional Services (Help with customer accounts)
  • Billing cases (Questions about your invoices)



5. If this is a technical support request (involving help with a product), select Support Cases and then select the specific product you are interested in:


Available options are:

  • x360Cloud
  • x360Recover - D2C
  • x360Recover - Replibit
  • x360Recover - BRC
  • x360Recover - Fusion
  • x360Sync
  • x360Portal
  • Axcient Cloud - Backup for Files
  • Axcient Cloud - ShadowProtect
  • Axcient Cloud - Quest
  • Axcient Cloud - Veeam
  • Axcient Direct Restore
  • Other

6. After you select the product to be supported, fill in the fields.

Depending on the product you have selected, you will be asked to provide varying product details.

You will also be able to include

  • a short description of the issue
  • the priority of the issue (Priorities are listed at Axcient Support Service Level Agreements)
  • any related attachments you would like to add. (Attached file size must not exceed 20MB.)


This example displays the fields required to submit a ticket related to x360Recover (Replibit):


7. After you have completed all fields and attached any desired files, click the Submit button. 

Note: The Submit button will remain grayed out until all required fields for this request type have been completed. When all required fields have been completed, the button will turn orange and can be clicked.

8. You will see a confirmation message when your Support request ticket has been successfully created:


When you review your Support Requests list the next time, you will see the newly created ticket on top (because it is the ticket with the most recent activity.) 



How do I review, comment or update an existing Support request ticket?

1. Click on the Subject of the Support request ticket on the table list.   

2. From the Request Details screen, click on the Add to conversation field to add a new comment. 

3. Add the pertinent comment on the expanded field. You may attach a file if necessary, as evidence of the issue.


4. Click the Submit button. You will see confirmation when the Support request ticket has been successfully updated. 

How do I close or delete a Support request ticket?

Currently, there is no way to delete Support request tickets.

To close the ticket, you may click the Request Closure button on the specific ticket.


When you click this button, you will complete a Closure Reason field, describing the situation. After you have filled in the reason for the closure, click the orange Close Ticket button.


A confirmation will appear when the ticket has been closed:



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