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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at April 29th, 2022

If you are an administrator in the Axcient x360Portal. you can create, edit, and delete user  accounts: 

The Users page is where you can add employees to your organization, manage which employees have access, and set up their permission roles.

Create a new user account 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please create individual accounts in the x360Portal for each employee who will submit support tickets. Do not use a generic account for your x360Portal contact point or for support ticket creation. Please remove any generic support contacts you may have previously configured and ask your team to use their individual logins when they create support tickets.  (Individual accounts are vital to avoid delays in Support response: We need to view who is responsible for responses, as well as their portal access level. Generic accounts delay the resolution of the support issues.)

1. In the Axcient x360Portal, click the Users tab.

2. Click the Create New button.

3. In the Create User screen, enter descriptive information about the new account, including:

  1. First name,
  2. Last name,
  3. Email address, and
  4. Organization.

4. Assign the appropriate permission role:

  • Select the Basic permission role if you want the user to view all the information on the Dashboard, My Contacts, and Support tabs (including creating and commenting on tickets). A user with Basic permissions can also view and edit information related to his or her own account and newsletter preferences. However, a user assigned to the Basic role cannot modify the information associated with the organization.
  • Select the Accountant permission role if you want the user to have the same permissions as a Basic user, with the addition of having access to manage Billing.
  • Select the Administrator permission role if you want the user to view and edit all information on the x360 Portal, including creating, editing, and deleting other users accounts. A user with Administrator permissions is also able to edit information related to the organization.

5. The new user will receive an email with instructions to set the password and log in to the x360 Portal.

You will see a confirmation that the new account has been created:

Edit an existing user account

NOTE Only a user assigned to the the Administrator role can edit user accounts.

To edit a user account:

1. In the User page, click the user's name. Alternatively, click the checkbox adjacent to the user's name and click the Edit button.

2. In the Edit User page, click the Edit button and update each field as needed.

3. Click the Save button when you are finished.

Reset a password

To reset an x360 Portal password:

1. In the Users page, select the name of the appropriate user.

2. In the Edit User page, click the Edit button.

3. In the Reset Password section, click the link to reset the password.

4. In the Reset Password dialog box, confirm the password change by clicking the Accept button.

5. Click the Save button. The user will receive an email with instructions to reset the password.

Delete a user account

NOTE: Only a user assigned to the Administrator role can delete User Accounts.

As a best practice, we recommend deleting a user account if the user has left your organization or no longer needs access to the x360 Portal.

To delete a user account:

1. Find the name of the appropriate user and click the adjacent checkbox.

2. Click the Delete button.

3. In the Delete User dialog box, click the Delete button to confirm.

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