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Updated August 12th, 2022 by Tami Sutcliffe

Agent - v.2.35 - August 15 2022

x360Recover Agent Release Information  Agent Version:      v.2.35  Release Date(s):      Targeted release starting August 15 2022 Release overview  x360Recover agent 2.35 is a maintenance release. The focus of this release is to remediate backup failures by addressing known issues and enhance logging of VSS failures to facilitate troubleshooting. Th...

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Updated August 15th, 2023 by Tami Sutcliffe

Local cache for Direct-to-Cloud (D2C)

What is local cache for D2C?  Local cache for D2C is a cornerstone component of Axcient’s x360Recover 'no-hardware' business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR).   Local cache for Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) is an encrypted, compressed, and deduplicated database containing block storage for your D2C protected systems.  When enabled, local cache for D2...

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Updated March 31st, 2021 by Tami Sutcliffe

Backup for Files - How to Find a Customer ID (CID)

You may see various configuration instructions and other Axcient documentation which refers to a "CID" or "Customer ID".  The CID is one reference point available in the Web Portal when reviewing the Account Center or the Account List.  Where to find a CID Log into the Web Portal You can use two methods to locate the CID: 1. Account Center (Visual V...

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Updated October 26th, 2023 by Tami Sutcliffe

Appliance-specific recoveries

This article walks through various ways to recover an existing protected system from a BDR appliance. Virtualize     The quickest way to restore a protected system from a backup recovery point (with minimum downtime) is to virtualize the protected system on the local backup appliance. Every x360Recover backup creates a ready-to-use full system image...

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Updated April 18th, 2023 by Tami Sutcliffe

Apr 18 2023 - v.2.36.0 - Release Notes x360Portal

Version Application 2.36.0  When April 18, 2023  Enhancement: Request a Feature button We've added a new Request a Feature button to the Roadmap on the x360Portal   dashboard: Please use this button whenever you have product feature suggestions for us. Bug fixes Corrected the display of trial days remaining on Dashboard product cards Fixed the unsup...

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Updated October 6th, 2023 by Tami Sutcliffe

Introduction to x360Recover

Introduction to x360Recover Trying to select the best recovery methods and options for a particular situation? We've compiled a  Recovery Playbook to help you compare choices within x360Recover - in one convenient worksheet Review the  latest release notes   for all of the x360Recover components.  x360Recover Essential Users Guide  is a step-by-step...

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Updated April 22nd, 2022 by Tami Sutcliffe

Configure Management Portal settings with the Settings page - x360Recover

The Settings page gives you access to a list of settings and configuration options to help you customize the Management Portal (MP). For example, you can view or update the following key settings: The API Key tab allows you to retrieve your API Key. The Change Machine Name tab allows you to change your Machine or Host Name. The Change Password tab a...

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Updated April 20th, 2022 by Tami Sutcliffe

Create an organization in Microsoft 365 - x360Cloud

When you have an x360Cloud reseller account, you can log in to the x360 portal and create an organization to protect Microsoft 365 accounts. Note: If you need to create an organization for a Google Workspace account, please click here. To log in to your x360Cloud reseller account: STEP 1: Launch x360Cloud In the x360 Portal, find the x360Cloud produ...

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Updated August 16th, 2023 by Tami Sutcliffe

Aug 2023 - v 3.41.0 - Release Notes x360Cloud

x360Cloud INDEX   |   Release Notes    |   x360Cloud Data Sheet   |   x360Cloud Essential User Guide   Version       3.41.0  Date      Europe — August 15 2023     North America — August 16 2023 Goals To improve performance and stability of backups for Microsoft 365 To fix defects in UI\UX and address issues reported by users Improvements Enhanced al...

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Updated April 20th, 2022 by Tami Sutcliffe

Interpret speed test results - x360Recover

About the speed test To accurately estimate how long it will take you to upload your data, you should first test to see how fast you can upload data to the Internet. To test your upload connection speed while a backup is NOT running, we recommend that you use the Axcient Speed Test at https://speedtest.axcient.com/ What does the speed test measure? ...

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