Veeam - Axcient BDR for Veeam Setup Guide

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 9th, 2021

Thank you for choosing Axcient Cloud for Veeam. 

Using Axcient Cloud for Veeam, you can replicate Veeam data to the Axcient enterprise storage cloud, effortlessly scaling from terabytes to petabytes. In addition to providing turn-key Veeam replication, you also have access to the Axcient Continuity Cloud that provides fast off-site virtualization of your replicated servers and networks.

How to use this Guide:

This guide describes how to deploy and configure the Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure and use cloud repositories to store data with Axcient using Veeam Backup & Replication software. The guide is divided into four sections. Work through each section in the order they are presented.


 SECTION 1: Setup Veeam with Axcient 

Enter your credentials in the Veeam console using an RD Web Access gateway. After creating a user account for each client’s backup server, identifying resources, and configuring infrastructure settings, proceed to Section 2 for connecting Axcient as a service provider.

 SECTION 2: Connect to Axcient

To complete Section 2, you will need specific information sent from Axcient . If you need to contact us for this information, call 720-204-4500 or 800-352-0248 or log in to the x360Portal and open a Support ticket.

SECTION 3: Create a Backup Copy Job 

A backup copy job is required for the seed (preload) process. The steps required to create a backup copy job are detailed here. Once you have completed your backup copy job, proceed to Section 4.

SECTION 4: Preload data to Axcient 

Find details for preparing and sending data. After Axcient preloads your seed data, you will be notified to complete the remaining steps for accessing and synchronizing your backup copy job.

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