Axcient x360Recover

(formerly Replibit)

Introduction to x360Recover 

This knowledgebase section includes documentation for the following components of x360Recover:  

D2C (Direct-to-Cloud):  Backup with no appliance for x360Recover
Install and deploy full-featured image-based backups, without a local appliance

BDR: Chain-free backup with appliance for x360Recover
Navigate and restore with Axcient x360Recover appliances and vaults

Manager (Previously RMC)  A single pane of glass for backups for x360Recover
One place to monitor, set alerts, and configure reports for your x360Recover BDR fleet

Virtual Office: Recover to a virtual machine for x360Recover
Start and self-manage virtual machines in the Axcient Cloud with a secure, web app

Airgap: Your last line of defense
Protects a data snapshot as your last line of defense during a cyber-attack on your files

BRC User Guides [PDF] are available here

Download your own copy of the data sheet below: x360Recover Data Sheet.pdf 

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