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This knowledgebase section includes documentation for x360Cloud, your solution for Microsoft 365 and Google Workplace backups. 

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What is x360Cloud?

x360Cloud provides peace-of-mind by ensuring that the cloud data used in your organization is backed up, recoverable, and protected. 

x360Cloud backs up:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Google Workspace

When you deploy x360Cloud, your critical data is backed up to our encrypted, tamper-proof Axcient Cloud. The Axcient Cloud gives you absolute protection against accidental or malicious data loss. With multiple redundant Axcient Cloud storage and best-in-class encryption, you can rely on 99.999% durability and 99.999% availability.

After data is backed up, x360Cloud administrators can instantly search data with rich filtering, and quickly select data to restore. In addition, detailed dashboards, reports, and monitoring of all backup activities visually indicate how x360Cloud is working to protect your data.

Security and encryption

Axcient holds our partners' data in highest regard. We maintain data integrity and protect partner data through methods that avoid compromise. Our data policies meet the requirements of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

x360Cloud uses military-grade encryption when transporting data over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted connections. From the SSL encrypted connections, it routes to an HTTPS stand-alone processes running behind a firewall. Our Server-Side Encryption (SSE) uses at minimum 128-bit SSL (128-bit) in transit and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (256-bit AES) at rest. Stored data is only accessed by applications from behind a firewall.

x360Cloud is HIPAA Compliant. Please reference the Axcient HIPAA Whitepaper for details and requirements.

x360Cloud Data Sheet

x360Cloud can be used to automatically discover, backup, audit, search, and then restore critical data in Microsoft 365 (Exchange Mail, Calendar, Contacts, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams data) and Google Workspace (Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Drive, Sites, and Shared Drives) 

Review the complete x360Cloud data sheet

Terminology and definitions

Many key words used in our documentation refer to industry terminology.

For example:


A service refers to the SaaS platform supported by x360Cloud. For example:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Google Workspace
Service Instance

A service instance refers to a specific occurrence of a service. Each instance displays its own unique domain name. For example:


A service connector refers to the type of service. For example:

  • Mail
  • Contact
  • Calendar
  • SharePoint
Backup Objects

A backup object refers to the content type that is backed up, including:

  • Document
  • Email
  • Event
  • Contact

Please note that nested folders need to be restored individually. Metadata and permissions are backed up but not restored.


  • Automated backup of Microsoft 365 and Google Workplace services 
  • Granular search and file browser for quick restores
  • Detailed reports, monitoring, and system logs 
  • Best-in-class security and compliance

Learn more about x360Cloud with this data sheet, or download your own copy here: x360Cloud Data Sheet 

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