------About x360Recover


About x360Recover

Axcient x360Recover delivers chain-free, immutable backups including AirGap, AutoVerify and PSA/RMM integration. These technologies mean:

  • There is no chain management
  • Your backups are protected from ransomware and deletion
  • Your data is checked for corruption after backup
  • Recovery points are stored natively in an immutable ZFS filesystem snapshot
  •  Ticketing and billing processes can be fully automated.  

This section is designed to provide you with important background information on how to use these x360Recover features:

  • AirGap is a powerful security feature
  • Immutable backups are provided by backup recovery points stored natively in a ZFS filesystem snapshot,  which cannot be altered once created
  • AutoVerify provides validation of the recoverability of backup snapshots during nightly BootVM check 
  • PSA integration provides the benefits of using ConnectWise and AutoTask with x360Recover
  • Sales and billing resources include our current x360Recover data sheets, links to software downloads,  a billing overview and details on how to audit license use.


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