Virtual Office: Overview

Recover to a virtual machine with x360Recover

What is Virtual Office?

The cloud failover feature in x360Recover allows you to start virtual machines in the Axcient Cloud of one or more protected devices. You can then create a Virtual Office running within the Axcient data center, using matching existing server configurations. 

Virtual Office lets you self-manage using a secure, web-based application, which includes role-based authentication with required MFA. 

What can you do with a Virtual Office?

  • Configure network settings for that virtual office 
  • Provide secure access to that Virtual Office by configuring VPN
  • Configure Site to Site Open VPN, so multiple remote networks connect to that Virtual Office
  • Allow VMs to access the internet by enabling outbound connections (disabled by default)
  • Establish Port Forwarding rules
  • Start the Virtual Office VMs of each server from separate restore points 
  • Instantly recover production servers and workstations in the Axcient Cloud
  • Perform regular full-office recovery tests to ensure backups are always recoverable 

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