Veeam - How to restore a physical machine to a virtual host on a CCNode

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 31st, 2021

Because a backup of a physical machine cannot go directly to instant recovery, different steps are necessary from the way you would restore a virtual machine.

Note: If this is a test as opposed to a live server down situation, we recommend disabling the backup copy job associated with the machine being restored.

1. To begin, click Restore => Agent on the top ribbon.


2. Choose Entire machine restore 


and then choose Instant Recovery to Microsoft Hyper-V:


3. Click Add


4. In the Backup Browser window, expand the backup set and then select the machine to restore.

Click Add.

5. The wizard will automatically select the most recent restore point. 

If you wish to use a different restore point, click the Point… button on the right.

Otherwise, click Next.


6. Highlight the machine to be restored and click Host. 


7. Select your host server (localhost) below the Hosts option; then, click OK.


8. Click Next to accept the selected host server. 


9. If you wish to change the storage location for your VM files, click Path.

Otherwise, click Next to accept the selected host.

10. Select the VM and click Network


11. Select the network you would like this VM to be attached to. Then click OK.


 12. Click Next to continue.

Note:  If your VM has multiple network adapters, you may configure each one to point to the desired network.

Example: NIC1 -> Internal-LAN; NIC2 -> WAN-DMZ


 13. Click Next to continue.


14. Click Next to continue. 


15. Click Next to continue.


16. Review the summary and ensure all the selections are correct.

Once you have confirmed the selections are correct, click Finish to begin the restore.

This completes the process needed to restore your VM. 


Create a permanent instance

Note: If you would like to make this run permanently on the CCNode (instead of a temporary instance that could lose your data If the VM is shut down for any reason), please complete the following steps in addition to the steps above:

1. In the Restore Session window, click Close.


2. Under Recovery Tools, click Instant Recovery.

Right click the VM.

Click Migrate to production….

This will begin the process of migrating the VM from an instant restore to a permanent VM.


See this KB from Veeam for more information:

3. Note: If you do not wish to keep the VM and it has not been converted to a permanent state, click Stop publishing.