x360Sync Recovery Playbook

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 12th, 2024


Trying to select the best methods and options for a particular situation?

We've compiled this index to help you compare recovery choices within x360Sync - in one convenient worksheet. 

The goal is to find the best approach for your scenario - without necessarily researching every strategy available in our knowledgebase

     To review before you get started:

When to use?          
How to access          
File and folder recovery
When you need fast recovery for data that has been user or admin deleted.
From admin console, at Top Share level, may restore all deleted files for a team share. Browse into the share and you now have option to restore all files or by start/end date.
View and restore deleted files and folders for end users in x360Sync

Recover from malware/ransomware           
When you need to recover from a snapshot prior to infection.
From admin console, navigate to shares. Select Snapshot and choose new team share name and timestamp wanted.
Recover from advanced malware attacks using the Snapshot feature in x360Sync

Restore revisions      
When you want to recover previous revisions.
From admin console, navigate to shares. Browse into the desired share and choose Rollback option. You may choose a timestamp as rollback revision destination. To rollback revision on individual file, right click the file and choose Revisions.
Use the Revision Rollback feature in  x360Sync
Restore from backup

When you want to restore from user backup to same user or different computer
From admin console, navigate to Backups. Click on the “restore backup” button. To restore backup to original location, for example, c:\data -> c:\data (NOT c:\, we require the exact same path), click on SAVE. To restore to a new computer and/or location, download and install the x360Sync app, then register with the same user backup was created under. Then select “restore backup button” from admin console and choose new location.
How do I create backups in x360Sync?


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