Jan 2020 - v 8.2.0 - Networking 2.0 - Release Notes x360Recover BDR

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 9th, 2021

Features Available with Networking 2.0

With the release ofx360Recover 8.2.0,  the network stack has been completely rewritten to provide additional features and capabilities.

Networking has undergone a major update, eliminating Ubuntu Network Manager. 

Live Mode VM

Live mode virtual machines now coexist on a shared bridge interface with the appliance, enabling backups while virtualized to continue automatically. 

Multiple Network Adapters and Networks are Supported with Live Mode VM

If your protected system requires multiple network adapters, and additional adapters are physically present on the BDR device, this is now supported on Live Mode VMs. 

When virtualizing a protected system in Live Mode to perform a disaster recovery, it is now possible to select which physical network adapter to use when exposing the Virtual Machine to the Network.  In addition, if the protected system has multiple network adapters, each adapter can individually be assigned to any physical adapter present on the hardware BDR device:


From the Protected System Details page, expand Snapshots, select which snapshot you would like to boot, and click on StartVM

From the Virtualizataions Settings dialog, choose Live Mode.



Once Live Mode is selected, the list of Network Interfaces will be exposed. 

For each network adapter present on your protected system, you will have a dropdown selector available to choose which physical network adapter you wish to assign that interface to.






Once you’ve made your selections, click Start to boot the Virtual Machine in live mode.

NOTE: Future support for VLANs and LACP Bonding are on the roadmap for later in 2019.



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