BDR Technical FAQs


x360Recover BDR technical FAQS and additional information 

The technical FAQs and additional information in this section are designed as DIY resources for the more advanced features of our BDR services - which include Axcient appliances as well as BYOD hardware. These are questions you may have after you have set up your protected systems and begun work with x360Recover tools. 

Of course, you can always request free, one-on-one live training sessions related to your specific questions or contact Axcient Support for more help

Getting started with Axcient BDR services: 


Have you considered eliminating the appliances? Perhaps deliver your image-based backups directly to the cloud, instead?  Check out Direct-to-Cloud D2C: Backup with no appliance for some ideas about saving the time and money spent on all that hardware.

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