1a. Appliances: Select and install

x360Recover BDR

Axcient offers a range of high-performance BDR hardware devices, shipped directly to you or your customer. 

Log in to the x360Recover License Portal for current information on all Axcient x360Recover BDR appliance models including pricing and specifications.

Warranty Information

Axcient understands the importance of your Axcient appliance investment, which is why we offer several warranties and optional services to support your new deployment.

For warranty details, please reference the x360Recover Appliance Warranty Information document.

Pricing Information

Log in to the x360Recover License Portal for current prices.

BDR Appliance Options

Axcient x360Recover BDR appliances come in the following models and storage options:


The x360Recover Eco2 is a compact server and comes in three models:

Any non-SSD Eco2 models use Enterprise HDDs for storage hard drives.

Eco appliances cannot be upgraded and do not have field replaceable parts.

Mini2The x360Recover Mini2 BDR appliance, provides Axcient’s most popular storage capacities and price points.

The Mini2 is a mini tower which includes a Xeon E-2126G,  32GB RAM, and  a 3-year warranty. Extended 4 or 5 year warranties are available at the time of purchase.

Mini2 Quick Start Guide

Features include: 

  • Hot-swap drive bays for easy storage drive replacement
  • IPMI for remote access
  • Field upgrade to 1.5, 3 or 6 TB of usable storage for hybrid variants (depending on the original model purchased)
  • Spare parts kits available for hybrid units.
  • Any non-SSD Mini2 models use Enterprise HDDs for storage hard drives.

Mini2's are available in the following models: 





  750GB usable storage - All SSD

  3x500GB SSDs RAIDZ1 (N+1 Parity) 


  1.5TB usable storage  - All SSD

  3x1TB SSDs RAIDZ1 (N+1 Parity) 


  3TB usable storage  - All SSD

  3x2TB SSDs RAIDZ1 (N+1 Parity) 


  1.5TB usable  storage

  2x2TB Enterprise-cass HDD RAIDZ 


  3TB usable storage

  2x4TB Enterprise-class HDDRAIDZ 


  6TB usable storage 

  2x8TB Enterprise-class HDD RAIDZ 

* Field (storage) upgrade kits and spare parts kits are available for hybrid units. 

Rack Gen2


The second generation Axcient x360Recover Rack BDR appliance is a standard 2U 19” server rack chassis with (8) 3.5" hot swap drive bays. The default configuration is four bays populated with 2, 4, or 8 TB disks. The remaining four slots can be populated with like-sized disks to double the initial storage capacity. 

Any non-SSD Rack models use Enterprise HDDs for storage hard drives.

The Rack Gen2 is a turnkey BDR appliance that ships pre-configured with x360Recover backup software and can be requested with end-customer configurations during ordering for direct-drop shipping.

How to expand memory for the Rack Gen2

For specifications, please review the Rack Data Sheet


   Rack 2-4500

   Rack 2-9000

   Rack 2-18000

   Available capacity

   5 TB

   10 TB

   21 TB

   Recommended usable capacity

   (85% available)

   4.5 TB

   9 TB

   18 TB

   Field upgradable to (Total Usable)

   9 TB

   18 TB

   36 TB

   Storage redundancy

   RAIDZ1 (N +1 Parity)

   RAIDZ1 (N +1 Parity)

   RAIDZ1 (N +1 Parity)


   8-core Intel Xeon

   2x 8-core Intel Xeon

   2x 8-core Intel Xeon


   64 GB

   128 GB

   256 GB

   RAM Field Upgrade

   128 GB

   256 GB

   512 GB

   10G Network

   2 ports

   2 ports

   2 ports

   Remote Management (IPMI)




   Hot swappable drives





   3 years

   3 years

   3 years

   Upgradable warranty

   Added 1 or 2 years

   Added 1 or 2 years

   Added 1 or 2 years


   2U Rack Mount

   2U Rack Mount

   2U Rack Mount


Axcient x360 Dell hardware  

Please see the current Axcient x360 Dell hardware specification sheet here

Quickstart Guides

We've developed a set of Quickstart Guides to help you: 

  • Set up your x360Recover BDR Appliance Hardware (Eco2, Mini2 or Rack Gen2),
  • Connect the power and network cables,
  • Locate ports on the Appliance, and
  • Power on your x360Recover appliance. 


    Quickstart Guide:

    x360Recover Eco2

    Quickstart Guide

    x360Recover Mini2

   Quickstart Guide

    x360Recover Rack Gen2

    Quickstart Guide


Retired Appliances


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