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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at April 5th, 2022


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x360Recover 10.16.0 -  Mar 31 2022 [Click to expand...]



    x360Recover v10.16.0

 Release Date:

    March 31 2022

Release overview

x360Recover 10.16.0 is a feature release focused on a major overhaul to migrations and vault recovery. This release also includes internal functionality enhancements, and the elimination of partner-facing bugs

Summary of new features

Summary of bug fixes

  • Legacy Python packages with security vulnerabilities are updated
  • Issue with AutoVerify where previous shadowcopy volume might be mounted if the machine reboots while performing chkdsk has been fixed
  • Web service threads on Management Portal are optimized  to reduce memory consumption
  • Automatic Updates will apply agent updates even if updates are blocked by in use snapshots (Agent updates do not require reboot of the device)
  • Issue where ‘Completed’ replication jobs do not show 100% complete in some cases is resolved
  • Fixed issue with Cloud AutoVerify continuing to perform testing after a D2C endpoint has been converted to an appliance endpoint
  • Issue is resolved with some Unicode characters in protected systems stats causing Management Portal Reporting to crash
  • Fixed scoring of local cache verification which had been showing failed after 72 hours if no new backup had occurred

Resumable migration

Starting with release 10.16.0,  appliance-to-appliance and vault-to-vault migrations support direct ingestion of the migrated data. 

This direct ingestion of recovered data allows for resumable recovery of a protected system when migrating from a vault back to an appliance.

These enhancements mean that migration between devices over the network is now performed in a single step. 

  • Data is no longer staged on the target device in the aristosbay folder
  • Increased storage space (to first store the migration data, and then separately ingest it) is no longer needed, since data is ingested directly to the storage pool in a single pass.  

Other benefits of this enhancement include (a) interrupted transfers can be re-tried and (b) data already sent to the target device will be resumed in place on the next attempt.   

For more details on performing migrations of protected systems between appliances and vaults, see  Migrate from one device to another in x360Recover

Select a base image during vault-to-appliance recovery

You can now specify which snapshot on the vault you wish to use as the base image. (The base image is the oldest snapshot to be retried on the appliance. )

Specifying a base image allows you to recover a smaller subset of the protected system data to the appliance than is present on the vault. (This is particularly helpful when your appliance has limited storage space. )

Like resumable migration (described above), vault-to-appliance recovery data is now directly ingested into the receiving appliance. This eliminates the need to first stage the data and means you no longer need to double the disk space available during the recovery process.


This release adds direct ingestion of migrated data (for appliance-to-appliance and vault-to-vault migrations) as well as the ability to specify which snapshot on the vault you wish to use as the base image during vault-to-appliance migration.

x360Recover Manager (RMC) v 4.21 - Mar 30 2022 [Click to expand...]


    x360Recover Manager (RMC)  v4.21

 Release Date:

    March 30 2022 

Enhancements and bug fixes

x360Recover Replibit and Direct-to-Cloud (D2C)  

  • Fixed a bug when default PSA notifications subscriptions were not applied to clients imported from the Licensing Portal
  • Fixed a bug with enabling SSO access on a user with a recently changed role
  • Fixed a bug for PSA settings configured at the organization level which were not applying to clients imported from the Licensing Portal
  • Fixed a bug where the 'RMC Login' record was shown in the Auditor Report for X360Portal users

This release fixes assorted bugs related to notifications and settings

x360Recover Bare Metal Restore - Mar 21 2022 [Click to expand...]



    x360Recover Bare Metal Restore 

 Release Date:

    March 21 2022

Release overview

x360Recover Bare Metal Restore is a maintenance release, updating the Linux kernel for better hardware support and addressing recovery issues and bug fixes.

Summary of new features

  • Linux Kernel updated to 5.11
  • Added IPMITool utility to ISO
  • Added local cache data ‘lazy open’ feature
  • Eliminated creation of ‘sparse’ copy-on-write files during local cache recovery

Summary of bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where a user was allowed to proceed despite an invalid password entry
  • Dynamically calculate local cache size to address unknown alignment of last block
  • Show all filesystem types correctly during recovery
  • Fixed unexpected block alignment issues found during escalation 

Known issues

Previously, during iSCSI initiation, local cache database tables were fully opened and index tables were imported into memory.  This process could potentially require a long time, resulting in significant delays.  

With this release, local cache database tables are opened in a ‘lazy" manner, so that indexes are only loaded on demand during the recovery process.  This results in the recovery process running relatively slowly at first, but recovery speed accelerates up to normal speeds (over the first fine to ten minutes minutes) as local cache indexes are loaded into memory in the background. 


This maintenance release updates the Linux kernel for better hardware support and adds a local cache data ‘lazy open’ feature, to streamline local cache recovery speeds.

x360Recover Manager (RMC) v 4.20 - Mar 16 2022 [Click to expand...]



    x360Recover Manager (RMC)  v4.20

 Release Date:

    March 16 2022 

Enhancements and bug fixes

x360Recover Replibit and Direct-to-Cloud (D2C)  

  • Removed the Max Page content width limit from all RMC pages
  • Fixed a bug where the csv file was not displaying all entries for Backup History Report  


Enhanced page width and fixed bugs are featured in this maintenance release. 

Recovery Center v 1.7.0 - Mar 015 2022 [Click to expand...]

Component Recovery Center for x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud (D2C)
Version 1.7.0
Release Date March 15 2022

Release overview

Recovery Center 1.7.0 is a maintenance release. The primary purpose of this release is to provide bug fixes and improve recoverability of some cases

Summary of feature enhancements
  • Enhanced Hyper-V wizard to match Windows VM creation wizard more closely
  • Enabled Recover wizard to generate crash dumps
  • Enabled Recovery Center to operate with appliance data (Future Feature)
Summary of bug fixes
  • Fixed issue where a protected system volume is returned as RAW disk in file and folder recovery
  • Fixed password expiration on service accounts
  • Fixed edge case issue with iSCSI service unable to bring disk online
  • Fixed issue with missing line breaks in logs
  • Fixed issue with system failing to boot if system volume is in front of boot partition
  • Fixed delay in opening window when starting a new recovery
  • Fixed hang / crash when deleting Hyper-V job if VM was already deleted
  • Fixed issue with user log-out blocked for some users

Future feature: Recovery Center with appliance endpoints

Recovery Center 1.7.0 implements support for a future feature: working with protected system data on appliances.  When this future feature becomes available, users will be able to leverage local appliance backups (instead of local cache) for high-speed recovery of virtual disks or Hyper-V virtual machines

See the Recovery Center User Guide for complete details

The primary purpose of this maintenance release is to provide bug fixes and improve recoverability.

Agent 2.32 - Mar 10 2022 [Click to expand...]

x360Recover Agent Release Information

 Agent Version:


 Release Date(s):

     Targeted release starting March 10 2022

Release overview 

x360Recover Agent 2.32 is a feature release. The primary focus of this release is to improve local cache verification testing. This will include self-healing and reporting to the appliance.


  • Local cache verification enhancements 
  • Agent orchestration enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Summary of enhancements

  • Asynchronous background for local cache verification
  • In agent orchestration, added agent-side support for managing local cache verification and trimming
  • Agent-side support added for performing agent uninstall in agent orchestration 

Summary of bug fixes

  • Improved the retriable login of non-existent files in local cache verification
  • Fixed bug with detecting business hours when throttling is disabled on the schedule
  • Improved handling of interruptions to local cache during backups
  • Fixed edge case which might cause inconsistent backups of certain open system files
  • Fixed handling of non-ASCII characters in volume labels

Local cache verification now runs in the background

  • Agent 2.32 and newer now perform local cache verification asynchronously in the background. With this release, local cache verification no longer blocks scheduled backups. (Local cache verification will be interrupted and resumed after backups complete.)  Local cache verification now runs as a background task with lowest priority and should have no impact on system performance.

What does local cache verification do?

The health status of x360Recover local cache is now visible in the user interface and the process of local cache verification performs automated self-healing for any missing data. If missing blocks are found (e.g. data on the protected system hard drive that is not already in the local cache), a bitmap of missing blocks is created and saved. The x360Recover agent will process the bitmap during the next backup cycle. Any missing blocks will be populated to the local cache repository to ‘self-heal’ the missing data.

For more details, please see Local cache verification for D2C

Agent orchestration

  • Agent 2.32 implements background support for future enhancements to agent orchestration. The ability to remotely install agents will be added to the endpoint manager, as well as settings management for local cache verification and trimming. A future release of x360Recover will expose these features in the UI and enable access to this functionality.

To learn more about agent orchestration, see Manage core settings with agent orchestration

Auto Update Best Practices

We recommend that Enable Auto Update is enabled on the Settings -> Update Manager page on each of your x360Recover devices.

We also recommend that you enable Auto-Enable Remote Assist When Upgrading so that remote access will be available to our development team should something go wrong with your upgrade.

This will ensure that your x360Recover devices are updated with the latest software enhancements in a timely fashion, and that the x360Recover Support team will have a short window of time to access and repair any troublesome devices without requiring user intervention.


Agent 2.32 now shows the health status of x360Recover local cache in the user interface and performs automated self-healing for any missing data.

x360Recover 10.15.0 - Mar 09 2022 [Click to expand...]



    x360Recover v10.15.0

 Release Date:

    March 9 2022

Release overview

x360Recover 10.15.0 is a maintenance release, focused on backend enhancements and eliminating bugs.

Summary of new features

  • Removed obsolete agent disconnect alerting feature
  • Added new backend API to support authenticating protected system passwords for Recovery Center
  • Added backend support for file and folder recovery of Linux protected systems
  • Enhanced integration with Virtual Office and Cloud AutoVerify to show snapshots in-use on the vault

Summary of bug fixes 

  • Blocked accidental deletion of snapshots in-use by Virtual Office
  • Fixed format of snapshot names reported in Cloud AutoVerify statistics


10.15.0 is a maintenance release, focused on backend enhancements and eliminating bugs

x360Recover Manager (RMC) v 4.19 - Mar 02 2022 [Click to expand...]



    x360Recover Manager (RMC)  v4.19

 Release Date:

    March 2 2022 

Enhancements and bug fixes

x360Recover Replibit and Direct-to-Cloud (D2C)  

  • Fixed a bug redirecting to the wrong report tab when the View button was clicked
  • In x360Recover, it is not possible to render a virtual machine in Virtual Office for a restore point which is currently in use.


Improvements to Virtual Office and a bug fix for reporting are included in this release.

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