Jan 2020 - v 10.0.2 - Release Notes x360Recover BDR

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 14th, 2021

 Release Information



 Release Date(s):

    Targeted release starting January 27, 2020

Release Overview

10.0.2 is a minor hotfix release affecting only the Ubuntu OS upgrade process in 10.0.0.

Summary of 10.0.2 Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed Remote Assist which was broken and not working during OS upgrade phase
  • Fixed Ubuntu OS upgrade process started before networking fully enabled
  • Fixed issues with apt unable to get lock during OS upgrade process
  • Fixed issue with do-release-upgrade not retrieving distribution data only from Axcient-hosted mirrors
  • Fixed multiple issues with ISO installer for 10.0.x / Xenial 

See full release notes for 10.0.0 here: