Oct 2020 - Agent 2.26 - Release Notes x360Recover BDR

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 14th, 2021

 x360Recover Agent Release Information

 Agent Version:


 Release Date(s):

     Targeted release starting October 20, 2020


Release Overview

x360Recover Agent 2.26 is a feature release. The primary focus of this release is to provide support for performing backups directly to cloud vaults and streamlining the performance of backups. 

See also: x360Recover 10.4.0

Summary of Enhancements

  • Added ability to be installed in dedicated Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) backup mode
  • Multiple enhancements to support authorization, identify management and secure transport for Direct-to-Cloud mode
  • Changed core hash algorithm from SHA-256 to BLAKE3 for enhanced performance
  • Added config option to specify default Volume Shadow copy provider for backups
  • Backup server and Cloud server URLs are now logged during backups for troubleshooting
  • Backup progress per volume is logged during backups for troubleshooting
  • Hibernate and suspend idle timeout is suppressed while backups are running
  • Volume Identity Tracking prevents duplication of data if physical uuid changes 

Summary of Bug Fixes

  • Handle case and do not crash when sector size query succeeds but returns nothing
  • Handle rare case where parent directory cluster is not marked as changed but subfolder has changed

Summary of Direct-to-Cloud Support

Agent 2.26 in conjunction with x360Recover release 10.4.0  now provides the option to perform backups directly to Axcient-hosted cloud vaults, bypassing the requirement for a local BDR appliance. 

Agent changes include support for a special install mode, based on token information presented in the agent installer filename identifying the Cloud vault URL and customer identity, which triggers the D2C install mode.  

Additional enhancements provide support for direct vault backup workflow, customer identification, authorization, and security for transport connections, and performance improvements to optimize and harden backup communications over the Internet.

For complete details on Direct-to-Cloud backups, see these KB articles.

Summary of Performance Enhancements

The core hashing algorithm for block change detection has been changed from SHA-256 to Blake3. This provides a significant reduction in CPU usage for hashing operations. 

End-to-end communication workflows have been significantly hardened and optimized to better handle connection interruptions, packet loss, and intermittent availability of remote protected systems. This will help ensure the reliability of backups. 

Cloudserver now maintains a separate copy of the hash table for all data written to the vault.  The agent downloads the vault copy of the hash table before beginning a new full backup scan, which prevents sending any redundant data over the WAN in the event of subsequent full backup scans.


Auto Update Best Practices

We recommend that Enable Auto Update is enabled on the Settings -> Update Manager page on each of your x360Recover devices. 

We also recommend that you enable Auto-Enable Remote Assist When Upgrading so that remote access will be available to our development team should something go wrong with your upgrade.

This will ensure that your x360Recover devices are updated with the latest software enhancements in a timely fashion, and that the x360Recover Support team will have a short window of time to access and repair any troublesome devices without requiring user intervention.


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