Navigate the administrative web portal - x360Sync

Written By Heather Hootman ()

Updated at July 21st, 2021

In the administrative web portal, you can access settings and configuration tools to help you manage the system for end users. You can navigate the administrative web portal using the left navigation bar.

  • The Dashboard tab provides a snapshot of activity within the selected organization.
  • The Accounts tab lists all existing user accounts within the selected organization, and also allows you to create new accounts and manage existing accounts.
  • The Machines tab lists all machines that are registered to user accounts, including laptops, computers, and mobile devices. The Machines tab also allows you to set up File Server Enablement.
  • The Shares tab lists all Team Shares that currently exist in the selected organization. You can also create new Team Shares, view the contents of Team Shares, and manage Team Share permissions.
  • The Backups tab lists all backups that have been configured within the selected organization and allows you to manage and restore backups if needed.
  • The Activity tab provides access to the Activity Log page, where you can view activity within the selected organization. Additionally, you can create alerts so that you are notified when specific activities occur.
  • The Reports tab lists all reports that have been created and allows you to edit and modify existing reports. You can also create a report based on specific criteria.
  • The Settings tab gives you access to configuration options for your selected organization, including policy and setting options.
  • The My Files tab launches the end user web portal where you can access your personal files, folders, and Team Shares.