Apr 21 2021 - Virtual Office v 3.2.0 - Release Notes

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 26th, 2021


    Virtual Office  v.3.2.0

 Release Date:

     April 21 2021


Release Overview

Axcient Virtual Office 3.2.0 is a maintenance release.  This release includes new backend features for future Recover Manager enhancements and bug fixes to our core AxCloud service for BRC and x360Recover.  This release is scheduled for April 21st, 2021. .

New features 

  • Backend support for multiple IPsec VPN connectors
  • Added support for Hyper-V with OpenVPN Virtual Machine Template
  • Upgraded OpenVPN Site to Site connector to use TLS 1.2

Bug Fixes

  • Added additional backend logging to assist with troubleshooting Virtual Office performance
  • Resolved issue sometimes resulting in errors while starting Virtual Office
  • Resolved issue sometimes preventing enabling of VPN feature in Virtual Office
  • Resolved issue causing VNC service to fail or stop working
  • Optimized available snapshot lookup when starting Virtual Office for Recover

Useful links 

For further information regarding x360Recover Virtual Office,  see the following:


SUPPORT  | 720-204-4500 | 800-352-0248