How to submit a Support ticket

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 31st, 2021


Please note: The following instructions apply to Support requests for

  • x360Sync 
  • x360Cloud
  • x360Recover (BRC, Veeam and Axcient-supported third party BDR products)

Please contact your Account Representative with any questions regarding BRC and Fusion Support requests

1. To create a Support ticket, log in to the x360Portal. 

2. Click the Support tab.  

3. Click the "plus" box to add a new ticket.


4. When the Submit Request screen opens, select the product you need assistance with: 


5.  Complete the form which appears: 






a) Enter a subject that describes the problem

 b) Enter a description of the issue


c) Select an issue type from the provided drop-down menu 




d) Select the desired  priority level 

  • Low – 48 hour response
  • Medium – 24 hour response
  • High – 4 hour response
  • Critical (down production server ONLY) – 1 hour response

e) Attach any necessary images or documentation up to 20 MBs.

f) Click Submit when you are finished.

 What happens next?

1. You will receive an email with a ticket number and a link to review the ticket status or add additional comments.  


2.  If you click on the link to manage the ticket, you will be prompted to log in to the x360Portal:


3. After you log in to the x360Portal, click on the Support tab to view all of your tickets. 



CUSTOMER SUPPORT | 720-204-4500 | 800-352-0248  

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