Nov 30 2022 - Manager (RMC) v 4.37

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 14th, 2023



    x360Recover Manager (RMC)  v 4.37

 Release Date:

    November 30 2022 

X360Recover Manager 4.37 includes enhancements and maintenance updates.  

  • We've updated the System Details tab of the Health Dashboard, making it easier to navigate to a vault from the protected system area. This saves you multiple clicks each time you drill down to see additional information or troubleshoot.

Summary of enhancements

  • The Vault link from the protected systems area (on the System Details tab of the Health Dashboard) now takes you directly to the vault.

Summary of bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where the protected system was displaying in the vault after the client was removed from the license portal.

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