Convert a Direct-to-Cloud endpoint to appliance mode

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 22nd, 2023

Looking for help converting an existing appliance agent to Direct-to-Cloud (D2C)?

Steps to convert a Direct-to-Cloud endpoint to appliance mode 

STEP 1. Deploy an appliance provisioned for the customer  

Need detailed instructions for installing and configuring an appliance? Refer to Appliance setup and first-time login for step-by-step help. Note: As you are using the instructions provided at Appliance setup and first-time login, you can disregard the final step called “Ready to deploy x360Recover Agents”, since your agent already exists on the protected system (and will be edited in step 3 below).

When deploying (or reinstalling) a new or existing appliance to a customer, you must add licenses for the endpoints that you want to convert from Direct-to-Cloud: 

1.1. Sign-into 
1.2. Click Launch on the x360Recover tile

1.3. When the Dashboard opens, click Licenses near the bottom of the left menu 
1.4. Locate the new appliance 
1.5. Hover over the new appliance and select the down arrow on the right side of the screen 
1.6. Select Edit Licenses

1.7. Click the plus sign to add additional server or workstation licenses 
1.8. Click Save

STEP 2. Perform an incremental vault-to-appliance recovery

See Incremental Vault Recovery for detailed instructions

STEP 3. Stop the agent service

3.1. After completing the vault recovery, open the vault.  

Under the Jobs tab, verify that no Direct-to-Cloud backups are currently running for the desired  endpoint.  

3.2. On the protected system, stop the Replibit Agent Service in Windows Task Manager and disable it: 

3.3. Open notepad as administrator. 

Open the aristos.cfg file in the Replibit directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Replibit

3.4. Save a copy of the file as aristoscfgOld

3.5. In the original aristos.cfg file, edit the field SERVER= by removing the vault URL and entering the IP address of the appliance.

3.6. Delete any settings related to local cache in aristos.cfg. (Local cache does not work with appliance-based backups.) Then, delete the Permid.cfg file.

3.7. Save and close notepad.

3.8 Enable/Start the agent services in Windows Task Manager.

STEP 4. Confirm that backup and replication are running

4.1. After converting a Direct-to-Cloud endpoint to appliance mode, the appliance will automatically select to run a Full Backup as the next backup job.

Note: This "Full Backup" is actually an incremental backup plus fresh metadata. (It is not the same size as a full base snapshot.)

Subsequent backups will be incremental, as usual.

4.2. Verify that backups are completed successfully.

4.3. Verify that new backups are replicated to the vault.

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If your appliance has failed entirely, or if the appliance storage pool has failed, you can recover protected systems from the vault to a new appliance. Full details are available at How to recover a protected system from the vault to a new appliance.



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