GMP reporting module

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 29th, 2021

The x360Recover Global Management Portal (GMP) now features a new basic Reporting Module feature intended to help simplify the daily management and maintenance of your fleet of Axcient x360Recover devices in the field. The Reporting Module now adds three additional pages to the top menu bar of the Management Portal interface:

The Trouble Report, Health Report, and Storage Report pages provide a highly visible summary of the collected metrics gathered by the Management Portal. If specific problems are detected based on the default scoring metrics, your data will be highlighted in yellow or red on the Health Report and Trouble Report pages.

Health report

The Health Report contains a listing of all Appliances, Vaults, and Protected Systems being managed by the Global Management Portal (GMP):


Details are listed about your managed devices, broken down into sections: Appliances, Vaults, and Protected Systems (grouped by the Appliance they belong to.) 

  • For specifics on each, hover your mouse over the individual cells, and a pop-up tool-tip message will appear detailing the specifics of what has been flagged as a warning/bad for that metric.

Trouble report

The Trouble Report is essentially the same report as the Health Report however, the data is filtered to contain only items that have been highlighted as bad in some way.

Storage report

The Storage Report displays a graphical representation of storage usage on your managed devices over time. 

  1. The top section highlights your total Vault utilization
  2. Below the Vaults, each Customer’s data usage is presenting, including total Appliance and Vault usage by the customer, as well as a breakdown of the raw data in use on your Protected Systems, and the storage size that that data is consuming on the Appliance and the Vault, on a per Protected System basis. 
  3. Protected Systems are sorted from largest to smallest, and limited to only the largest 10 units.


Usage best practices

Using the Health Report and Trouble Report pages, you can easily identify problems in your x360Recover fleet, like devices that have not checked in recently, Protected Systems that have not had recent backups, Vault Replication that is lagging behind, low storage remaining, etc. 

  • Once you have identified your current problems, it is easy for your Support Team to divide and conquer to address open issues. 

This newly implemented Reporting Module not only highlights any active problems, but it also confirms that things that are error-free, and working properly! 

  • In a single page view, you can easily see whether everything is up-to-date, and quickly identifies devices that need attention.

The Global Management Portal (GMP) collects data from all managed devices--once per hour at a random offset between 0-59 minutes therefore, the data presented in the reports should always be within the last hour.


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