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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 9th, 2021

You can integrate Axcient x360Recover with your ConnectWise PSA. Once enabled, alerting events trigger tickets within the PSA. Ticket status is synchronized in both directions with the corresponding alert. 


Before enabling ConnectWise Integration within x360Recover, you must first ensure that ConnectWise has been properly configured for Integration with third-party products.

We recommend that you contact Support for assistance when enabling and configuring ConnectWise Integration settings.

Enable ConnectWise Integration

  1. In the lefthand navigation, open ConnectWise Settings.
    1. In the Site field, enter the URL to your ConnectWise site.
    2. In the Company field, enter the Company Name.
    3. In the API Key field, enter your API Key.
    4. In the API Secret field, enter the API Secret.
  2. Click the Test Connection button to verify that your credentials are correct.
  3. Then click the Save Configuration and Credentials button.

Configure Billing Integration

  1. To enable Billing integration for an Appliance, expand Billing Integration in the ConnectWise Settings lefthand navigation and click to select the Enable Billing Integration checkbox.
    • In the Select a Company dropdown menu, select the Customer to whom this device should be billed.
    • In the Select an Agreement dropdown menu, select the Agreement that you created within ConnectWise for this service.  The Agreement should contain a definition of the monthly fixed billing for this device.
    • In the Addition dropdown menu, select the Addition that you created within ConnectWise for this service. 
  2. x360Recover will update the Addition within ConnectWise with the total amount of Storage (in Gigabytes) being consumed on all Vaults by all Protected Systems hosted on this Appliance. Storage used by Protected Systems being replicated to multiple Vaults will be reported cumulatively. The Addition should be configured within ConnectWise with the off-site Vault per-Gigabyte charge (if any) that you wish to bill this customer. 

Configure Ticketing Settings

To enable ConnectWise Ticketing, expand Ticketing Settings and select a company from the Service Ticket Company dropdown menu.


x360Recover ticketing integration with ConnectWise is granularity configurable per event type.

To receive ConnectWise tickets for each type of alert event, enable each event class:

  1. To finish enabling ConnectWise ticketing, click to expand Ticketing Settings, then select a Company from the Service Ticket Company dropdown.
  2. Check the Enable checkbox for the type of alert(s) you would like to receive.
  3. Select a Service Board, and then select the ticket status you would like to assign for New and Closed tickets of this type. (All ticketing event classes are optional and you need only configure the types of events for which you wish to receive tickets within ConnectWise.)
  4. Click Save Configuration and Credentials to complete your changes.


Import and Export Settings

When you have completed configuring ConnectWise on your first device, you can export the settings to a file and import them when configuring subsequent devices. 

At the bottom of the ConnectWise Settings page, click the Import Settings button or the Export Settings button, depending on your needs.

Use the GMP to Manage Global Settings Across Appliances and Vaults

(For detailed instructions on using the GMP to manage ConnectWise, please review this article:

Manage ConnectWise Settings from the GMP )

The ConnectWise Policy settings within the Global Management Portal (GMP) allow you create a default configuration for settings to be applied globally across all devices. 

(Because various fields within each ConnectWise configuration must be set up individually for each device, it is not possible to fully manage every ConnectWise setting from within the GMP. Note that you must still enable ConnectWise for the first time on each appliance or vault.)

Inherit  ConnectWise Configuration from GMP

1. Log in to each of your devices and navigate to the ConnectWise Settings page.

2. From the top of the page, select Inherit Configuration from GMP. This will fill in the ConnectWise credentials and ticketing settings using the values you previously defined on the GMP.

3. To finish enabling ConnectWise ticketing, click to expand Ticketing Settings, then select a Company from the Service Ticket Company dropdown.

4. Click Save Configuration and Credentials to complete your changes.

Update Policy Settings 

Once you have configured each of your devices to inherit their settings from the GMP, future updates and changes to managed settings can be performed from the GMP. 

  • Login to the desired GMP and navigate to the PolicySettings tab on the top of the page. 
  • Make changes to your settings as desired and then click Save Configuration and Credentials when finished. 
  • Your managed devices sync with the GMP every 4 hours,  to pick up and apply any changes.


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