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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 12th, 2024

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Q: I leased an appliance from Axcient. What can I expect at the end of the term?

A: As your lease nears its end, a representative from our Logistics team will reach out to you 60 and 30 days in advance to discuss options: whether you would like to keep the appliance by buying it out or return it. It is important to confirm your decision by the 25th of the month. Failure to confirm will result in the lease being billed indefinitely until we hear back from you. Please note that any payments collected after the 36-month term ends cannot be refunded or applied toward the buyout amount.

Q: I have an x360Recover lease that is approaching the end of the lease term. Can I extend or renew their lease? 

A: No, the lease term is 36-months (3 years). After that, you may either purchase the appliance or return it to us. 

Q: Can the buyout price be adjusted at all? 

A: We charge a buyout price of the monthly rental payment multiplied by 9 in accordance with Section 12 of the lease terms and conditions. 


  • If you leased your BDR appliance from us before January 15, 2024, the buyout price will be the monthly rental payment multiplied by 3.
  • If you a leased your BDR appliance after January 15, 2024, the buyout price will be the monthly rental payment multiplied by 9.


Q: Where can I find a copy of the official Axcient lease terms and conditions?

A: The Axcient Terms and Conditions of Lease can be found at the following link:  https://axcient.com/leasing-terms-conditions/

Q: Why does the buyout price vary so greatly between devices? For example, I am leasing two devices that are now at the end of the term. One buyout price is $423, while the other is $810. 

A: The buyout price is equivalent to the monthly fee x 9. If you are paying $72 a month for a lease, your buyout price will be $648. 

Q: Does the buyout price ever vary between the same appliance model? For example, I am leasing two Mini2-6000s. Can I expect the same buyout price for both appliances or will it differ? 

A: The buyout price is determined by the monthly charge, so it can vary. Depending on when your lease term began, the buyout price may be greater or less than what you paid for a lease buyout of the same appliance model at an earlier date. 

Q: Can Axcient confirm which client/end user is currently using the leased appliance?

A: Yes, it’s possible if that information was provided at the time of the order. Please contact us at customerservice@axcient.com with the device serial number.

Q: If I purchase my leased appliance, will I continue to receive warranty-based appliance support? 

A: You will receive warranty-based appliance support through the duration of their warranty term. Often, the warranty term and the lease term end on the same date. If you wish to receive warranty support after this end date, you must purchase either a 1-year or 2-year extension warranty at the time of the lease buyout. Otherwise, you will be responsible for any appliance repairs or replacements. 

NOTE: Some ECO models do not qualify for a warranty extension. To determine if the ECO is eligible, look at the serial number. Only ECO serial numbers beginning with RXI will qualify for the extended warranty.

Q: I have a lease that is coming up to the end of term. What are my options for the warranty for this appliance?

A: If the device is eligible, you may choose to add a 1-year or 2-year extended warranty. If the device is not eligible, you can continue to use the appliance with the understanding that any necessary repairs or replacement will no longer be covered by the warranty.  

Q: I have a lease that is almost at the end of the term. However, my client still needs a backup appliance. Will Axcient send me a new appliance to continue using with my client? 

A: We only send new appliances at the end of the lease term if a new order is placed. If the partner and their client still need the appliance, they should either buy out the lease or order a new appliance.

Q: I want to purchase a new appliance rather than buying out the lease. If I do this, can I keep the old appliance?

A: You may hold onto the old appliance until the new one has been received and set up, but after that, you must send the old appliance back. A leased appliance may only be kept if you choose the buyout option.  

Q: Is there a trade-up program for a leased appliance that is coming to the end of term? 

A: We currently do not have a trade-up program available. If you wish to upgrade a leased appliance at the end of the term, you must return your current appliance. However, we may consider implementing a trade-up program in the future.

Q: Can I pay for the remainder of my lease before the 36-month term but return the appliance at the end of the term?

A: No, we do not currently support that. If you choose to keep the leased appliance, we can send you an invoice for the remaining lease term plus the buyout amount, and the server is yours to keep.





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