Displace a third party BDR with x360Recover

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 11th, 2023

Ready to migrate existing BDR devices, meet SLA and maintain all backups?

We find that our partners often want to displace an existing third party BDR solution with x360Recover.

And, with our B.Y.O.D-friendly  philosophy, we make it straightforward for you to reuse your existing backup hardware as an x360Recover appliance.

But what if you have existing backup history that you are required to retain? 

Overview: How to use Direct-to-Cloud and incremental vault recovery

Incremental vault recovery (release 12.3.0) provides a clear path for migrating your existing BDR devices to x360Recover — with no missing backups, and still maintaining your SLA-required commitments for retaining backup retention history.

Here are the basic tasks involved in using incremental vault recovery to seamlessly retrieve data from your protected system's vault down onto the appliance — without interrupting backups.

1. Convert your clients to x360Recover using Direct-to-Cloud

The first step in converting your clients to x360Recover is to deploy our agent in Direct-to-Cloud mode.

x360Recover has been extensively tested to ‘play nice' and run side by side with a wide range of third party backup agents.  As the name implies, once our agent is in Direct-to-Cloud mode, it sends backups to the cloud vault. The local hardware appliance is not needed during this phase.

Even though it may take some days (or even weeks, if the backup data is large) to upload the initial backup image to the cloud — this is OK.  Your existing solution will continue to run along side x360Recover and your backup schedule will not be impinged.

2. Continue to meet your SLA requirements (without interruption)

Once the initial full backup is completed, continue to run x360Recover along side your existing backup solution. This can continue as long as it takes to acquire sufficient backup history in the Axcient Cloud to satisfy your minimum SLA requirements.

After you have sufficient backup history in x360Recover, you should no longer need the data residing on the third party BDR appliance. You are now free to reload and reuse this hardware as an x360Recover appliance.

Note: If you have unusually extended recovery SLA requirements, consider exporting some number of monthly or yearly recovery points to Virtual Disk images. You can then archive these images on USB or NAS storage, to retain the data without requiring extended dual billing for both systems.

3. Convert your BDR hardware to re-use as an x360Recover appliance

  • Once the data located on your BDR hardware is no longer needed, you are free to reload the device as an x360Recover appliance.  For detailed instructions on how to deploy an appliance, see: Deploy a new BDR appliance.
  • You may now uninstall the third party backup agents from your protected systems, as they are no longer backing up to that appliance.
  • NOTE: Your protected systems will continue to send backups to the Axcient Direct-to-Cloud vault during this process.

4. Painlessly convert to appliance mode

Now that you have a "new" x360Recover appliance ready to use at your client's site, conversion from Direct-to-Cloud is a simple and painless process.

You'll use incremental vault recovery, which is a process where we seamlessly retrieve data from the protected system's vault down onto the appliance — without interrupting backups. 

For step by step instructions on recovering your data to the appliance and converting the agent(s) into appliance mode, see Incremental vault recovery 



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