Restore the Dell Optiplex


Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 10th, 2023

If directed by x360Recover to restore the Dell Optiplex, please follow the procedures below:

1. Log in into the appliance.

2. Choose the snapshot you want to recover from, and mount as iSCSI in test mode. (Please verify first that the snapshot is good and will boot as a VM on the appliance).

4. Start up the machine that needs to be recovered with the x360Recover Recovery iso. You can download the x360Recover Recovery Toolkit from the Software downloads page.

5. Once booted into the recovery environment, and connected to the network:

  • Click on the Launch button in the lower left hand corner
  • Open iSCSI Initiator
  • Connect to the Appliance using the Appliance's IP address
  • Connect the partition(s)

6. Next, open LX Terminal in the Launch Menu. This will open the Linux shell.

7. Type in sudo parted -l to list all the volumes visible to the environment.

  • Internal drives will usually be listed first
  • for example: /dev/sda, ./dev/sdb.. ect with the iSCSI volumes from the mounted snapshot listed after that

8. Used the "dd" command to do a direct, sector by sector, copy from the disk image on iSCSI to the computer's internal disk.

  • for example: dd if=/dev/sdx of=/dev/sda bs=4096 (use parted to guide which is the iSCSI drive, and which is your drive, if=(this is your iSCSI drive) of=(this is your destination drive))
    *WARNING*: This is only required when an error happens in the recovery. You may need to use the "sudo" command in front of "dd" if it errors with does not have permission.


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