Essential User Guide - x360Recover


Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at February 8th, 2024

Welcome to the x360Recover Essential User Guide

This is a step-by-step guide to understanding and using x360Recover services.

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Essential user guide contents 

User guide sections and articles are in order of when you would encounter x360Recover services. However, feel free to reference and navigate through the guide as needed. 

Special integrations, troubleshooting, and FAQs are in the individual product sections. For example, BDR appliance FAQs are located here. These sections will be consolidated at a later date.

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Section 1: Get started with x360Recover 

  1. [Cover Page] Get started with x360Recover
  2. Option A: Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) 
  3. Option B: Choose an Axcient appliance
  4. Option C: Bring your own device
  5. Configure a vault
  6. Configure an appliance
  7. Supported configurations - x360Recover
  8. Understanding chain-free backup
  9. Best practices - x360Recover
  10. D2C Quick Start Guide

Section 2: Configure x360Recover 

  1. [Cover Page] Set up a vault in the Axcient Cloud 
  2. Install an agent
  3. Configure x360Recover
  4. Backup policies (schedules)
  5. How to use Retention Policy Manager - x360Recover
  6. Licenses in Manager (RMC)
  7. Linux for x360Recover
  8. Management Portal overview
  9. Billing overview - x360Recover
  10. Configure health digest notifications for an organization - x360Recover Manager
  11. Supported configurations - x360Recover

Section 3: Manage & monitor from x360Recover Manager 

  1. [Cover Page] Navigate x360Recover Manager  
  2. Health Dashboard
  3. Configure x360Recover Manager settings
  4. Reports in x360Recover Manager
  5. Configure client health digest email
  6. Integrate x360Recover Manager with a PSA

Section 4: Manage & monitor from vault or appliance 

  1. [Cover Page] Navigate vaults and appliances
  2. Manage protected systems 
  3. Manage jobs and backups 
  4. Manage vault and appliance alerts 
  5. Vault and appliance health checks  

Section 5: Recover with x360Recover 

  1. Recovery Playbook
  2. [Cover Page] Virtual Office with x360Recover Manager
    1. Manage virtual offices
    2. Create and manage Runbooks
    3. Configure VPN for virtual offices
  3. File and folder recovery
  4. Disk exports
  5. Virtual machines
  6. Virtualize in the cloud
  7. Local cache
  8. The Recovery Center
  9. Bare Metal Restore
  10. Appliance-specific recoveries
  11. DirectRestore (ADR)