MARCH 2024 - Axcient x360 Technical Best Practices Newsletter

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 11th, 2024

Technical Best Practices Newsletter 

        March 2024                                                                                         ARCHIVE |

New! Back up your client's macOS data

We've added support for macOS to x360Recover!

Features now include:

  • File and folder (mount) recovery via web browser and FTP
  • Backups for Direct-to-Cloud and appliance-based systems
  • Endpoint Manager support
  • Automated agent upgrades with no system reboot required for the agent

Install an agent (macOS) for x360Recover

Improved tools for Fair Use cloud management

Manage your fair use cloud storage in x360Recover

You have tools to manage (and reduce) your fair use cloud storage:

  • See a report on your dashboard
  • Subscribe to an automated email notification
  • Download a device list showing all protected systems

Check out your Axcient cloud storage tools

 In Q2, we're also introducing:

  • FTPS and New Recovery in x360Recover Manager (RMC)
  • New consolidated Health dashboard

And - x360Cloud will be coming soon to our Canadian partners! 

Keep watching for more news!

Enhancements: Manager (RMC) 5.9

Have you seen the latest improvements to the x360Recover Manager (RMC) 5.9 navigation?

 "Services" changed to "Appliances" and we've moved the "Add client" and "Org settings" buttons on the dashboard:

 Review the full release notes for Manager (RMC) 5.9:

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Cyber Threat Glossary

 Will your clients recognize many of today’s threat vectors? An educated client needs straightforward information- and this glossary can help.
Cyber Threat Glossary

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