Export audit logs - x360Cloud

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 24th, 2024



After you review Audit Logs in the Reseller Portal, you can optionally export specific log entries to your local machine. You can even download files in .xlsx format, giving you access to native Microsoft Excel filtering tools to help you view and sort log entries.

To export audit logs from the Reseller dashboard: 

1. Navigate to the Reports page. 


When the Reports page opens, you will notice two tabs available.

2. Select the type of activity report to be exported. 

  • The User Activity tab displays events initiated by users, including account selection/deselection for backup, search and restoration.


  • The System Activity tab displays system events initiated by the x360Cloud system. These activities can include backup start or completion, synchronization from a source system, auto-selection for protection, and so on.


3. Select specific log entries. In the Reports page, click the check boxes adjacent to the log entries you want to export.


4. Alternatively, select all log entries by clicking the Select All button.

5. Export selected log entries by clicking the Download Report button. 

6. Select an output file format. In the Download Audit Logs Report dialog box, select your preferred output file:

  • Click the Download as CSV radio button to download your preferred file in .csv
  • Click the Download as Microsoft Excel Worksheet radio button to download your file in .xlsx file. When you select this option, you can use native Microsoft Excel filtering tools to view and sort information.

Click the Download button to download the selected file.