How to restore multiple objects - x360Cloud

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 23rd, 2021

You can manage multiple x360Cloud objects at one time. 

For example, you can restore objects in bulk.

 STEP 1: Launch the desired x360Cloud Organization

In the x360Cloud Reseller Portal Organizations page, click the client ID of the organization you want to manage.

The organization's Dashboard page displays, giving you access to organization details. 

STEP 2: Access the Search Page

In the left-hand navigation menu, click the Search tab. 

The Search page displays, giving you access to a search toolbar and filtering options.

 STEP 3:  Use filters to locate and select the object(s) 

In the Search page, use the filters to find your data.

You can use the following filters to improve your results:

For more information on using x360Cloud search filters,  please reference x360Cloud 's Search Filters and Fields.

STEP 4:  Select all objects to be restored

Use the check boxes to select all items you wish to restore:

After selecting all items to be restored,  click the Restore button to complete the process.


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