Local login credentials for bare metal restore (BMR) - x360Recover

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 8th, 2023


When you wish to perform a recovery, the x360Recover recovery wizard requires local user credentials for the appliance or vault being used. 

(Our roadmap includes adding support for x360Portal users via single sign on (SS0)  but this feature is not implemented as of Q2 2023.)

Note: Lockdown Mode does NOT need to be disabled to use bare metal restore with local user credentials.


Use admin credentials

When performing a bare metal restore from an appliance, you should enter the ‘admin’ user name with the password defined for that admin user during the initial provisioning process for this appliance.

  • If you have lost the local admin password, contact Axcient support for assistance with resetting the password.


Use client credentials

When performing a bare metal restore from a vault, it is possible use the local ‘admin’ account. 

However, the preferred method is to use the client user account.  

This is because the admin account has access to all clients, while the client account limits the scope of access to devices belonging to only this client.

  • Client users are managed in the License Portal.  Due to the simplified user creation process implemented to streamline Direct-to-Cloud deployments, it is likely you do not know the client user password. (The client user password is randomly generated during client setup.)  However, you may change the client password in the License Portal.
  • When performing a bare metal restore from a vault, use the client account as the username.
  • If you do not know the client account password, reset the password in the License Portal.  After resetting the password, sync the vault with the License Portal by clicking on the Sync from the System Settings -> License Details page.

Important note: If the client is using any appliances, when you change the client password you must also update the password on all appliances.



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