RDP access to Linux BMR ISO

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 17th, 2023


We often receive requests for a process to remotely access a bare metal restore (BMR) ISO environment.

While it is not safe or secure to implement generic Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access into the base BMR Recovery ISO, it is easy to manually install and configure secure remote access to the Linux live cd environment. 

Install and configure secure RDP server for Linux bare metal restore

STEP 1. Open QTerminal from the desktop shortcut.

STEP 2. Escalate to root user by running sudo su

STEP 3. Secure remote access by setting a password for the axcient user.

To do this, run passwd axcient and set a password for the user.

STEP 4. Update the package manager and install RDP services.

a. Run apt-get update
b. Run apt-get install xrdp

STEP 5. Locate the IP address of the live CD environment.

To do this, run ip addr

STEP 6. Establish a remote connection to the BMR using any RDP client.

STEP 7. Login with the user name axcient and the password you set previously.


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