Frequently Asked Questions

x360Recover BDR FAQs

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 19th, 2024

Technology Questions

  • Why should a MSP choose x360Recover?
    • An MSP should choose x360Recover for the following reasons:
      • If they are dissatisfied with their current BDR vendor
      • If they need a BDR solution for offsite backups and/or always-on business continuity
      • If they are paying too much, need more flexibility, or need a better ConnectWise integration for their BDR solution
      • If they need to decrease storage requirements, decrease data corruption, or decrease management time and stress
      • If they need instant virtualization, verified backups, and true retention
    • Does Axcient sell hardware for x360Recover?
  • What does Axcient sell exactly?
    • Axcient sells a cloud and software license bundle, x360Recover appliance hardware, a cloud storage license, a software license, and the Axcient Continuity Cloud environment.
  • When should a MSP contact Axcient to provision another vault?
    • The new scale-out cloud eliminates the need for additional storage vaults. Please contact support if you are not yet upgraded to the scale-out cloud.
  • Does x360Recover support dissimilar hardware restore?
    • Yes, with x360Recover, a MSP can restore from bare metal to dissimilar hardware at wire speeds.
  • Why is Axcient’s cloud best able to support x360Recover?
    • We have built a custom cloud from the ground-up that provides scalability and instant virtualization. Refer to the scale-out cloud KB article for more information.
  • Can Axcient x360Recover backup and/or virtualize UEFI-based systems?
    • Yes.
  • Do the agents require a GB interface connection?
    • Agents do not require a gigabit connection; however, if a MSP has a 100 megabit network and many agents, then any image-based backup will be slowed down (this is not specific to x360Recover).
  • Is on-vault virtualization or virtualization verification supported in the Axcient cloud?
    • Using the scale-out cloud, a different method of instant virtualization in the cloud is supported. AutoVerify and BootVM verification is not currently available in the Axcient cloud.
  • How does an MSP failback to their production environment after recovering a backup in Axcient’s Continuity Cloud?
    • The MSP has a few options when it comes to failing back from the Continuity Cloud:
      • Recommended: The MSP will install an x360Recover agent on the recovered virtual machine running in Axcient’s Continuity Cloud and configure a backup job to be sent to the local appliance they want to recover to. Using x360Recovers Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) tool on their new hardware, they can then point to the local appliance to restore from that backup.
      • Alternatively, Axcient can ship a USB drive with the MSP’s backup image (VMDK/VHD). The MSP can then use a third-party BMR recovery tool to install the image onto their new hardware.

Competitive Questions

  • Why should a MSP host with Axcient instead of a service like Amazon?
    • The Axcient cloud experience for x360Recover uniquely provides the scale-out cloud experience, an integrated Continuity Cloud, and additionally provides built-in silent data corruption protection.
  • On which models of Datto appliances can a MSP install x360Recover?
    • x360Recover can be installed on all Datto appliances. However, the Datto G Series does not allow for local virtualization.
  • How does x360Recover's technology differ from Datto's inverse chain technology?
    • Datto’s reverse chain technology is based on the ZFS copy-on-write filesystem, the same as x360Recover, which allows for independent restore points that can be instantly virtualized. However, Datto's backup process still requires a chain of information to produce incremental backups, and thus certain events or situations can trigger full backups, resulting in duplicate storage and large incrementals over the network. In contrast, x360Recover has chain-free backup technology and can produce incremental backups even after restoring or virtualizing historical recovery points or doing a bare-metal restore to a different system.


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