Specify the from email address for system-generated emails - x360Sync

Written By Heather Hootman ()

Updated at June 4th, 2024

x360Sync delivers email notifications to communicate important information and activity. These emails can be user-generated or system-generated.

  • User-generated emails—the From field of a user-generated email is populated with the name and email address of the user who initiated the action. A user-generated email communicates:
    • Account, guest, and Group message emails
    • Share and multiple share emails
    • Team share invitation emails
  • System-generated emails—administrators can customize the From field of all system-generated emails. A system-generated email communicates:
    • Welcome emails
    • Share download, upload, and expiration notifications
    • New password and password reset emails
    • Service Plan registration emails
    • Daily Digest emails
    • Report emails
    • Alert emails
    • Two-Step Authentication code emails

If you customize your Email From Address to use a domain different from syncedtool.com, it's highly recommended that you configure your custom Email server for it. Otherwise, your outgoing emails might not pass anti-spam checks on recipients' mail servers and automatically go to spam. See Specify an email server for configuration details.

To customize the From field in system-generated emails:

  1. In the appropriate organization, click the Settings tab. The Organization Settings page displays.
  2. Point to the Email drop-down button and select Settings. The Email Settings page displays, showing the default From address.
  3. In the Email From Address field, enter the email address that should display as the From address for all system-generated emails. All user-generated emails will still display the name and email address of the user who initiated the action.
  4. Click the Save button when you are finished.