Nov 11 2021 - v 2.86.0 - Release Notes x360Cloud

Written By Heather Hootman ()

Updated at March 7th, 2023




     North America - November 10, 2021
     Europe - November 11, 2021


  •  Fix issues reported by users 


  • Fixes for customer escalations and markup issues. 
  • Fix for the inability to change admin user info for organizations with protected Google Workspace data. 

Known issues 

  • Restore sharing permissions option is unavailable in the Restore dialog.
  • “Total number of licenses selected for backup” counter sometimes doesn’t reflect the actual number of protected users when bulk selection/de-selection is performed on the Accounts page.
  • Smart Search shows an incorrect number of matching results for Mail when using Filter by collection.
  • Descriptions for some issues and backup progress are not shown in the container-level downloadable backup report and on the Reports page. 
  • Archive emails are restored in a separate (timestamped) target folder when restored with general emails.


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