WebSeed Guide

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 19th, 2024

Welcome to Axcient's web seeding platform

WebSeed is the most efficient way to seed your backup data to your Axcient Data Center. 

(If you do not yet have a WebSeed account, please create a new Support ticket in the x360 Portal.)

Below you will find useful information on how to work with the platform. Once you are done with your upload, please make sure to contact our Support and provide the following information:  
  • Webseed Portal Username 
  • The seed file name
  • Name of the vault where the seed needs to be ingested on
  • Name of customer

For a general overview of the preload (seeding) process, please review Overview of Preloading (Seeding)

How to access WebSeed 

Depending on your data center, you will access your Webseed login using one of these links:

Questions about accessing your Webseed login? Please create a Support ticket in the x360 Portal.

Home Screen 

The home screen is composed of the Upload a file area (a and b) and the Current File Listing (c).

Directory Creation

To create a directory for your uploads, first enter the directory name into the input field (1), then click the Create Directory button (2). The confirmation message should appear (3) and the directory should be listed in the Current File Listing area.

Directory Selection

The current directory (where your files will be uploaded) is displayed (2). When you click a Select link (1), this directory changes and any subsequent files will be uploaded to that newly selected directory.

File Upload

To upload a file, you can either click on the Upload a file (a) button and select the file(s) you want to upload or you can directly drag and drop the file(s) into the upload zone (b).

NOTE:  You can directly drag and drop folders, but keep in mind this feature is only supported when using Chrome 21+ and Opera 15+ versions.

After the upload of a file is complete, it should appear quickly within the Current File Listing area.

NOTE: Large files may need extra processing before they appear. Please see the "Chunk Combination" section of this documentation below: 

Chunk Combination

Chunk combination is the process of combining the different pieces of a large file which has just been uploaded.

  • When a large file is uploaded, it is split into multiple chunks
  • Chunks may be uploaded in parallel
  • You may pause/resume an upload when using this process

When a large file upload is done (1), an entry may appear under the Latest Combined Files (2) section of the screen, which allows you to track the background job processing your upload. When the background job is completed, the file will then appear in the Current File Listing (3).

File Deletion

To delete a file or directory, click the Remove (1) link beside the entry you want to delete and then click OK to confirm (2).

NOTE: Large files or directory removal may take some time to process.

NOTE: Uploads are subject to auto expiration after a fixed delay (which defaults to 30 days.) If you need a longer file upload retention, please contact your support representative. 


 SUPPORT | 720-204-4500 | 800-352-0248