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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 21st, 2023

    Virtual Office FAQs:

To start a virtual office:

1. In the x360Recover Manager, click Clients in the x360Recover navigation.

2. On the Clients page, click the Details button for the appropriate client.

3. On the Client Overview page, click the Recovery Wizard button.

4. On the Recovery Wizard popup, click the Make it Virtual option.

5. Select the Start a Virtual Office option.

6. Select the type of cloud virtualization to deploy:

  1. Select the Make it a Test option to test the virtualization process and verify the availability of recovery points in case of an emergency.
  2. Select the Put it in Production option in the event of a disaster. This local failover VM can be used to temporarily replace production devices until a permanent replacement is ready.

7. On the Start Virtual Office (Failover) screen, select the services and configure settings:

  1. In the Services field, use the checkboxes to select the appropriate service(s).
  2. To set up a subnet for the Virtual Office:
    • Configure the Gateway field
      • Enter the gateway IP address.
      • This address should be the same as the default gateway on the physical network that the Virtual Office is trying to replicate.
      • For example, if devices are on the network, the gateway will most likely be
    • Configure the Netmask field
      • Enter the Netmask Value.
    • Optionally, add a new subnet for the Virtual Office
      • Click the + Add Another link.
        • Please note that you can add up to ten subnets.
        • Subnets must not overlap with other subnets on the Virtual Office. To delete a subnet, click the trashcan icon.
  3. Click the Start Virtual Office button when you are finished.


A important note on virtual office use and billing

When you are performing virtual office testing, be frugal with your usage. 

  • Start only the virtual machine you need to test.
  • Shut down virtual machines that are no longer needed. 
  • Do not leave virtual machines running over the weekend unless you are specifically testing something that requires it. 
  • Stop and discard your virtual offices when you are finished testing.

Unnecessary virtual offices left active with running virtual machines will incur unwanted overage charges.

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