Manually update an agent


Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 24th, 2022

Identify your agent version

1. Ensure your x360Recover appliance is on the latest patch release. 

2. To check your x360Recover agent version, open the Aristos.log file located in /Progam Files(x86)/x360Recover.

For 32 bit systems, the Aristos.log file  will be located in /Program Files/x360Recover

Scroll the to the bottom of the log to find the most recent backup entry and it will list which version you are currently running.

Example: 23/5/2014 5:2:24  Build:21-01-2014 16:49:27.23 SERVER: Port: 9090

The version is listed next the the word "Build" in the example above.

Manually update the x360Recover agent

1. Install the new agent over your current agent. (It will automatically prompt you to uninstall the old agent.)  Do not manually uninstall the current agent via the Windows Control Panel (add/remove progams).

2. Once the agent has been updated:

  • Stop x360Recover servicePublish
  • Delete *lsn.bin files in x360Recover folder /Progam Files(x86)/vx360Recover

3. Start the service

4. Select the Schedule Now button in protected system. 

This will initialize a new incremental backup with the updated x360Recover agent.

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