Jun 11 2024 - x360Recover Agent 2.41

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 17th, 2024

x360Recover agent v2.41

    Agent Version:

    Agent v2.41

    Release Date(s):

     Targeted release starting June 11 2024

Release overview

x360Recover agent v2.41 is a feature release. The primary focus of this release is to provide a new (optional) user-space Systray Monitor application. Release 2.41 also provides several improvements to protected system recovery and virtualization in cases where unusual system configurations have been encountered.

Summary of enhancements 

  • Agent has option to display (or hide) monitoring and status application in the Windows System Tray
  • Agent installer now supports explicit selection of appliance or Direct-to-Cloud mode during interactive installation
  • Agent supports virtualization of protected systems where Legacy / MBR mode systems have GPT style boot disks
  • Agent supports virtualization of protected systems where UEFI mode systems have MBR style boot disks
  • New troubleshooting configuration parameter has been added to customize the number of retries when VSS_E_PROVIDER_VETO is returned when creating a snapshot
  • Reduced the minimum allowed value of LOCAL_CACHE_TRIMMING_MINIMUM_AGE_HOURS from 48 to 12 hours

Summary of bug fixes

  • Nested volumes are now automatically excluded when BACKUP_VOLUMES is blank (include all volumes) and not just when explicitly specified
  • Fixed a bug where output from CHKDSK was not returned by the Analysis Tool when errors occurred
  • Fixed a rare race condition that could cause the agent service to hang during a backup
  • Fixed a bug where the Analysis Tool could hang while collecting system information
  • Fixed a bug where some agent files provided by support team during troubleshooting might not be overwritten during an agent upgrade
  • Fixed a bug where some MBR volumes with damaged boot sector records might appear as RAW disks when mounted for recovery 

Agent System Tray Monitor Application

This release features the addition of an optional user-space application to display agent status information to the user from the context of the Windows system tray.  

The System Tray agent monitor is disabled and hidden by default. 

For details on configuration and usage of this new feature see:  Agent for Windows Systray Monitor Utility

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