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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at April 20th, 2022

About the speed test

To accurately estimate how long it will take you to upload your data, you should first test to see how fast you can upload data to the Internet. To test your upload connection speed while a backup is NOT running, we recommend that you use the Axcient Speed Test at

What does the speed test measure? 

This speed test provides you with information on four simple indicators about your Internet connection:


What is tested?


latency delay between you and the server reaction time
jitter variation of the delay stability
download rate of data receiving download speed
upload rate of data sending upload speed


What is the meaning of each indicator? 

  • Latency is the responsiveness of your connection

When it is low, it indicates that the information takes little time to travel between you and the server. The lower it is, the more information flows "in real time". It generally reflects the distance traveled by data between you and the server.

  • Jitter is the stability of your connection 

When it is low, it indicates that latency does not vary much and that your connection is stable. On the contrary, when it rises, it indicates that the reactivity of your connection can vary greatly from one data exchange to another.

  • The download and upload speed are the size of your connection

When these numbers are high, a lot of data can be exchanged in a short time between you and the server. This makes it possible to retrieve and send large files faster.

Where can I review the source code?

This speed test is completely open source. Its source code can be reviewed online, on its GitHub repository:

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