Dec 2020 - Synced Tool for iOS v 4.17 Release Notes - x360Sync

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 8th, 2021


     Synced Tool for iOS 




     December 8 2020


New feature

Team Shares section 

We recognized that displaying Team Shares folders as if they were inside of user files was causing user confusion and creating obstacles when users tried to find content.

As part of x360Sync Synced Tool 4.10 for Android, we extracted Team Shares into a separate section.

Now, starting with Synced Tool 4.17 for iOS, you can see all of your personal files in the My Files section which opens by default when the app is launched.  You can then navigate to Team Shares using the tabs on the bottom of the screen:

My Files Team Shares
iOS-4.17-my-files.png iOS-4.17-Team-Shares.png


Reduced data consumption

The app regularly fetches information about files and folders, including names, attributes and hierarchy. While working on splitting Team Shares and My Files, we found ways to optimize the data fetching logic. This discovery led to a reduction in the number of server calls the app performs - without diminishing performance or responsiveness. In other words, the app now consumes less data while delivering the same functionality.


  • Fixed the file name display issue on the Favorites tab. This resolved the issue which occurred previously, when a file was renamed on the server, where the app synced the changes and displayed the new name on the list of files, but in the Favorites tab, it continued to show the old name.


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