Jun 2020 - Synced Tool for Android Version v 4.8 Release Notes - x360SYnc

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 8th, 2021


     Synced Tool for Android




     June 2020


  • Extend uploading functionality
  • Improve the upload experience for users


New features 

 The focus of this release is on improving the overall user experience when uploading, including extending uploading functionality. 

Select multiple files to upload

Ending support for old versions of Android enabled us to implement the functionality to select multiple files to upload.

Previously, users needed a workaround described here to upload multiple files at once.

In version 4.8, a user can simply select all the files to be uploaded without any hassle.

Extended error handling

File upload is a network operation, relying on multiple technology stacks in order to complete successfully. A variety of issues can occur, and a user needs to know what has happened and what to do next if an error happens.

In many cases, a single issue can cause upload failures for multiple files. To avoid bombarding users with the same text repeatedly describing the issue, we've hidden the text under the detailed view.

A user can tap on the error text to see the details of each issue and to understand what needs to be done to resolve the error.

Collapsed message Full message 
Error_message_collapsed.jpg Error_message_expanded.jpg

Retry an upload operation

After something has gone wrong during an upload and the issue has been resolved, a user needs a way to retry the upload.  (For example, a network connection might be lost for some time but then recovered.)

To enable a user to retry an upload, we've added two options: one to retry a single file upload, and the second to Retry all for all failed uploads in the top menu. 


Cancel an upload operation 

Sometimes a user might accidentally select the wrong files to upload. If a user is working with large files (such as videos), an error of this kind can exceed their allowed bandwidth. 

To control traffic efficiently and help users feel more confident while using the Synced Tool, we've added the ability to cancel an upload operation.

Notification bar Uploads section
cancel2.jpg cancel3.jpg



  • Resolved issue where tapping/pinning on a file results in the file being constantly uploaded on devices running Android 10
  • Fixed issues that could lead to a crash


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