May 2020 - Web Portal - x360Sync

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 8th, 2021


May 2020 ~ We are excited to introduce the new and improved x360Sync web portal, featuring a modern visual appearance, responsive design, and intuitive navigation. 

In response to partner feedback, we prioritized UI improvements to both the standard user and administrative web portal. This article provides a brief overview of these changes and outlines next steps in our UI/UX release plans.

Modernized Look and Feel

When logging in to the web portal, standard users and administrators now enjoy a clean and clear interface. While overall functionality remains familiar, new icons and consistent branding enable a more streamlined and intuitive experience. 

New Icons

We replaced our classic icons with cleaner, more modern elements, adding to the simplified look and feel. We also increased the text size of menu item labels for better usability and ease of searching. 


Unified User Experience

Colors have been adjusted to better align with our x360 Portal and ensure a cohesive user experience across Axcient products and services. Now, you will experience a seamless transition when switching between x360Sync and the x360 Portal.

Additionally, the Search field has been added in the header of each page, so users can rely on a standard search experience. When working in the administrative web portal, the Search field is contextual. For example, in the Accounts page, an admin can use the Search field to find a specific user account, while in the Team Shares page, an admin can find a specific Team Share.


Responsive and Scalable Interface

Next, we added additional white space, which not only makes the layout more readable, but also ensures scalability and responsiveness.

White Space and a Simplified Layout

We reorganized navigational elements and simplified the overall layout to allow for additional white space. This white space ensures users intuitively move from one element to another, making the web portal feel uncluttered, and delivering information that is easily digestible.




To promote a mobile workforce, the web portal has been enhanced to be more responsive and scalable, improving its display within mobile devices.

Modern screens have a wide width, so we made better use of horizontal real estate, and used vertical space for action items applicable to the specific page. Now, navigation, padding, and font sizes are presented depending on the user's device screen size.


New Navigation

In support of our new scalable interface, navigation elements have been rearranged, stacked, and in some instances, made collapsible. 

Left Sidebar Menu

The main menu is now presented as a left sidebar. The sidebar menu allows for additional menu items and has the potential to be hidden under a collapsible panel, depending on screen size.

Horizontal menu items (for example, Account settings, Client download, and Log out ) have been hidden under one drop-down menu. This solution makes the interface less busy, reduces the chance of accidental logouts, and provides scalability for adding extra menu items.

Additionally, hyperlinks, buttons, and filters are highlighted in orange to provide a clear indication of what can be clicked.


 Organization Navigation Menu

The Organization hierarchy is accessible from any page of the administrative web portal. 

In the classic UI, it was represented as a left sidebar, which required a significant amount of real estate on all pages. To free up space and keep the ability to switch to a different organization from any page, we created a drawer menu, allowing the administrator to click on the organization name from any page.



Finally, we added breadcrumbs to help administrators navigate in the administrative web portal. 

Breadcrumbs provide information about the current page and the selected organization. They also allow users to quickly navigate up the organization hierarchy. 


Enjoy the new experience!

We have completed our UI update for both the standard user and administrative web portal.