x360Sync Web Portal 2.30 Release Notes

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 23rd, 2021


     Web Portal 




     October 2020

 New feature

You choose which organizations participate in the Thin Client BETA 

In this release, we've included the ability for a partner-level administrator to enable the Thin Client BETA for any organization. This allows you to decide which customers will be provided with the Thin Client BETA now. 

Please note: The higher the Thin Client adoption, the faster we'll be able to bring it to the production-ready stage. 

As with any BETA software rollout, some users are reluctant to consider change, while others are excited to try new experiences. You know your own customer base the best. Now, you can choose which of your customers participate in the Thin Client BETA immediately and which will be offered the Thin Client BETA later. 

Starting with Web Portal 2.30, a partner-level administrator will see the banner invitation to use the Early Access page:


To navigate to the new Early Access page, a partner-level administrator can:

  • Click on the hyperlink on the bottom of the banner "Visit the Early Access Feature page to enable the Thin Client BETA for your organization." or
  • Go to Settings and click the Early Access tab.

The Early Access page contains general information about the Thin Client BETA and a link to the Axcient x360Sync Knowledge Base Thin Client Overview article.

A partner-level administrator can select from the following Thin Client BETA status choices for the selected organization:

  • System default is the default setting. This inherits configuration from the parent organization's settings
  • Enabled allows the Thin Client to be displayed on the Download Apps page of the selected organization, regardless of the parent organization's settings
  • Disabled hides the Thin Client from the Download Apps page of the selected organization regardless, of the parent organization's settings



Improved date picker

The component for selecting a date is called a date picker. In this release, we've improved the appearance and functionality of all of the Web Portal's date pickers. 

  • We've simplified the look and feel by reducing font sizes, dimming the colors, and changing the appearance of the "Prev" and "Next" buttons to arrows.
  • To make the separation between weeks more prominent, we've added horizontal lines as separators.
  • We've made it easier to select dates that are close to the beginning and end of a month by showing full weeks, even if some of the dates fall under the previous or next month.
  • For faster navigation between months and years, we've extended the functionality of the date pickers with the month and year selection modes. You can try the improvements by clicking on the date picker's header between the arrow buttons.





Automatic purge and trim operations resilience

Previously, if the runner responsible for automatic purging and trimming wasn't able to process an item, it would stop processing, and restart from scratch during the next iteration.

We've improved the resilience of the automatic purge and trim operations by enabling the runner to skip the roots that it wasn't able to process and proceed with the rest of its queue. 

Please see this article for more information about the data retention policies configuration.


  • Share Links dialog: Fixed the issue with the recipients list, which used to appear behind the dialog, making it impossible to select from existing accounts.