x360Sync Version 2.7.0 Build .1365 Release Notes

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 23rd, 2021

x360Sync Version 2.7.0 Build .1365

Release Information

Server Version:   

Client Version:

Windows and MacOS (production default remains unchanged until general assembly release) 

MacOS Agent  

Windows Agent 

Release Date:

General assembly release: 

  • CA SaaS - Wednesday, March 13th 2019 10:00 PM MT
  • EU SaaS - Monday, March 18th 2019  4:00 PM MT
  • US SaaS - Staggered release: February through April 2019
  • Worldwide Private Cloud - Q2 2019

We are pleased to announce x360Sync v2.7.0 build .1365, our latest release of x360Sync, which includes important improvements and updates related to performance and user experience. 

Note: With the release of x360Sync v.2.7.0, the desktop client no longer supports outdated Operating Systems, like Windows Vista, Mavericks v.10.9, and Yosemite v.10.10.

Team Share permissions is an example of a feature only accessible to SaaS partners enrolled in the Early Access program. There are multiple beta groups that will have permissions enabled in sequential order over time after this release beginning on February 13th.  Once permissions is enabled for their organization, the desktop clients will all upgrade to v.2.7.0 and the web will be updated with new components and workflows to take advantage of this feature.  If you’d like to be included in the early access program, particularly to beta test Team Share Permissions, please reach out to your Partner Success Manager and/or the Axcient Technical Support Team.


  • Performance/stability improvements
  • Numerous bug fixes related to Permissions 

Known Issues

For information on the known issues with this release, please review this article: