x360Sync Web Portal 2.7.4 Release Notes

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 3rd, 2021


    x360Sync Web Portal




  • SaaS: February 2020
  • Private Cloud: March 2020


  • Modernize the look and feel of the Web Portal
  • Establish a new communication channel via in-product release notes


New Features

Our main goal is to make your life easier by providing great products, service and partner collaboration.

To improve x360Sync products, we're constantly working on new features and improving existing functionality. 

  • We provide information about product changes via knowledge base articles with release notes, like the very article you are reading now.
  • Another way we share news about exciting product changes is via emails, including the Technical Best Practices Newsletter and release note emails for high-importance releases.

At Axcient, we understand you might receive a lot of emails every day, so an email with information about an x360Sync update could be missed.

To ensure our partners' awareness of important updates, in the x360Sync Web Portal 2.7.4, we've added the "What's new" dialog. 

An admin of your top-level organization can find a new icon on the header of every page of the Admin portal. When they click on the icon, the "What's New" dialog appears. The "What's New" dialog is not accessible by your customers, so your Custom Branding settings are honored.



Recent improvements in the Axcient x360Sync Web Portal have focused on enriching admin and regular user experience with new functionality, in addition to polishing the core feature set.

With that focus, the overall look and feel of the Web Portal did not receive the love it deserves.

With version 2.7.4, we are starting the process of reviewing the Web Portal user experience.
Thanks to your feedback, we have big plans, and this version is just the first step.


Axcient x360Sync Web Portal 2.7.4 includes a modernized look of all visual elements and a new set of icons.

Icons are the language of the IT era: they don't require translation, they're intuitive and they're clear for every level of experience.

At Axcient, we recognize the importance of having operations represented by icons that do not require explanation. When we designed our new icon set, we kept in mind already-established industry standards.

The new icon set is already in use for the x360 platform and x360Cloud and we want to speak the same language in x360Sync, so you don't need to learn anything new.

Below please find a comparison of the "My files" view:

Previous versions


Axcient x360Sync Web Portal 2.7.4

2.7.jpgAs mentioned earlier, the changes described above are just the first step in modernizing and improving the Web Portal experience. Stay tuned for more new updates! 


  • Edits made via Collaborative Web Editor are now listed as made by "Deleted User Web Editor" in the Activity Log
  • Minor security issues have been resolved.