Nov 2020 - Synced Tool for Android - 4.10 Release Notes

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 23rd, 2021


     Synced Tool for Android




     November 2020


New feature

Team Shares section separate from My Files 

In previous versions, Team Shares were displayed as if they were inside of a user's personal files. Team Shares were shown this way to reinforce the idea of having all user files in one section. However, this approach introduced various technical challenges, as well as user experience issues.

In a majority of cases, we found that users had Team Shares larger than their personal roots. This happens because Team Shares are convenient for multiple collaborators, encouraging users to generate new content accessible both inside and outside of their organization.

However, searching for content within a personal root now started to become challenging. With more files located in Team Shares, and with those increasing Team Shares displayed alongside the user's personal files, noise related to the surrounding Team Shares content became a problem.

Also, another issue arose: when a Team Share name matched an existing folder name in a user's personal root, the Team Share could not be created by the Synced Tool for desktop. Since a Team Share creator couldn't possibly know every future name variation which any Team Share subscriber could have on their personal root level, this issue became difficult to avoid. 

To address these concerns, we decided to split Team Shares into their own section, separate from the user's personal files.

Starting with version 4.10, you can see all of your personal files in the My Files section which opens by default when the app is launched. You can then navigate to the Team Shares section using the main menu. 

Main menu My Files Team Shares
4.10-Synced_Tool_4.10_Main_menu.png 4.10-Synced_Tool_4.10_My_Files.png 4.10-Synced_Tool_4.10_Team_Shares.png

Since it is important for x360Sync users to see their files exactly the same way on different platforms, we are also planning to split Team Shares and My Files for the Synced Tool for Desktop, Web Portal, and the Synced Tool for iOS. 

We have already split My Files and Team Shares for the Thin Client BETA for Windows. Please find more information about that here.


For the listings of My Files and Team Shares, we have changed the way the data is loaded, splitting the information about files and folders into smaller chunks. As a user scrolls through the files, information is dynamically loaded, making the file browsing experience more seamless. This approach also noticeably reduces the app loading time.


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